Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Visit

It is tough for Byam to sit still and to jump down and visit everyone, but she waited patiently on S's lap for our Christmas visiting time to be done.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

All Settled in for A Long Winter's Nap - Merry Christmas!

She is so sweet!

Christmas Fun!

Byam's new toy has 16 squeakers!
She has a great time tossing it around and finding anywhere will make at least 3 squeaks! 
The gift wrap was shredded by Byam looking for her gift.  She had a ton of fun making the mess.
Maybe I should have let her open this gift first.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Workin' for a Livin'

Just outside the Jeep door, Byam starts to work the tall grass.
Yes it was a male pheasant that got her to stop in her tracks.
Only Byam and my camera were ready. 


Are You Excited? Are You Ready?

I rode along on this day to watch Byam hunt.  I made the mistake of asking if she was ready to go....
I'm sure that she stuck her tongue out at me in response!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Byam barely sat still for this photo - the only where she is not a blur!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thank you Terri!

Terri's dog cookies are so very good smelling! 
3 Dog Bakery's Pup-kin Latte' Biscuits in a to-go cup!
The package arrived tonight, and I made Byam wait while I got the camera - she would not smile for the photo - too interested in treats.
It is too late tonight for her large biscuit - but how cute is this!
Three Dog Bakery Yummies - Thank you Terri!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

On Point

S is out right now with their gun dog club on a hunt! 
So I'm sure Byam is running at this moment, or making her tiny little whimper that she makes only when she really Really REALLY wants something!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Byam's Family Update!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Byam's Breeder -

"...I've been running around trying to get everything ready for our Pheasants Forever Youth/Mentor hunt that is coming up this Saturday. Mom (Penny4), Sis (Penny 5), and Shooter will each get a run with a couple of kids. We turn 5 rooster loose for each 2 kids and then hunt them with a dog. It's fun for the kids and dogs but not many phez are killed. I think the best year the kids had was getting 13 pheasants out of the 40 that were turned loose. we only give the kids 1 shell at a time(for safety) and they are very good shots. Since it isn't open season yet we have to get special permission from the game and parks commission.
...I started running Penny5 towards her master title and she is 2/6 the way there---I need 4 more passes for the title. ...she won't have any more chances this year.

...ND opener on Oct 12th.

...NE opener on the 28th. The dogs will be busy...I'll let you know how Mom & Sis do this year.

...Byam's sister, Rae, was leading the Brittany gun dog point standings half way thru the year. I hope she hangs on and wins---but it will really be tuff to do as there are only 50 points difference in the top 3 dogs. 
...a sister, Bolt (F3)...She is now in Montana and will be hunted a lot on birds...doing what she loves..

        Penny4 (8 years old) is starting to slow down. She just doesn't cover as much ground as she used to---but she still has a good nose. Penny5 probably has the best nose of any Brittany I've had. She points so far away that sometimes in the hunting tests it's real hard finding the quail she is pointing, since they are pen raised birds they want to stay hid instead of flying like wild quail would.

I check Byam's blog every once in a while to see what she has been up to. Looks like she is still doing a little traveling.  I hope she has a good year for pheasants...

Keep in touch.   Later, Doug "

Doug I again want to thank you for choosing us for one of your Brittany Spaniels - we love Byam!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

No Dogs on Beach - No Lifeguard

Maybe not having a lifeguard is a good reason to keep dogs off the beach.  Iowa is not yet a dog tourist friendly state.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gray Squirrel

Even Kansas City has squirrels - and they are gray color!
We could hear Byam talking "Don't hold me back!   Let me at them!"

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Camping with my Airstream Friends

We had a nice time, seeing our Airstream friends.  Big "hi" to Don!  Thanks for laughing at your surprise ending to your nap!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

State Park Fun - Dirty Dirty Fun!

A weekend away with camping is a great time for a run.  Amazingly we kept our little Brittany out of the lake, as she was having great fun just stretching out her legs.
The trail back to our campsite was shady, cool, but a bit muddy.
After checking out places that might hide a bird or rabbit, Byam was covered with burrs.  It took 45 minutes to get her fur combed out and ready for a bath.  Our Airstream is really convenient for a dog bath, with it's shallow basin, and hand shower head.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Colorado is Almost as Dog Friendly as Before

 A few years ago we stopped at this restaurant to eat with our beloved first Brittany Spaniel, and had a nice meal.  Policy has changed.
As we had to eat - we stayed.  Here is a photo of S taking a photo of our little Byam girl - limited to a tree on the other side of the black chain.  We did have a nice lunch.
So as Byam left the restaurant with her still empty stomach, she immediately got to take a little wading in the stream just outside the restaurant.  I'm glad that dogs forgive...because if you promised me a nice lunch at a restaurant, then made me sit outside without food...while you ate - well I would absolutely not be happy.  Byam is so very loving, she was just ready to move on to our next adventure.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Airstream, Airstream - Everywhere!

We are not the only Airstream today!  These lovely folks were stopping to get their dogs some exercise.

Next people stopped were Airstream fans also!  Riding Harleys, the guys were stopped to photograph our Airstream.  If I understood correctly, they own the Harley Davidson dealership in Australia.  And they recently purchased an Airstream trailer from the new dealer in Australia.  Made in America, but appreciated worldwide.

Colorado is Dog Friendly!

Dogs are welcome.  Only a leash is required.  Thank you Colorado!
We stopped at one of several pull-outs along the Colorado River.  The state maintains access to the river and provide gravel parking large enough to park several Airstreams.  We were the only ones to stop.
S - fishing in the Colorado River.  Byam is too interested in wading to be his fishing companion.  To avoid spooking his fish, Byam and I took a quick hike instead.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Trout Fishing - A Little Bit.

That is not smoke over the Airstream, just a bit of fog that lifted from Timber Creek Campground.  A nice campground near the headwaters of the mighty Colorado River.
We hiked up to Green Meadows for a bit of trout fishing.

And caught a bit of a trout.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Elk in our Campground

These lady elk were within 15 feet of our nightly happy hour.
Byam sat quietly watching, barely breathing.   We heard the bull moose with his bugling.  Then when we did see him, he was up on a hill and did come down for to visit the ladies. 

The pine beetle infested and killed the campground's majestic mature trees with their beautiful red-brown trunks.  Since the trees were removed, we've seen more elk than ever.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Having an Airstream means that we can travel to any part of this country with Byam.  No scary airplane flights with a dog in the baggage area for us.
This 3 to 4 year-old female moose was next to the road - she was very interesting to Byam.  We did disappoint Byam by not lowering the window for her to catch the moose-scent she so desperately wanted.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Estes (Dog) Park

 Byam enjoys new friends!
While she can out run any other dogs, she does like to play with younger dogs for their high energy.  And prefers spending time with 1 puppy at a time.


Friday, August 23, 2013

19th State - Byam Visits Colorado

Byam did touch her feet down in Colorado.  Really.
After full day's drive, Elk Mountain Campground's dog park was a nice way to stretch out.  The campground was without trees, and we look forward to entering Rocky Mountain National Park - after the 50,000 bicycles race through town..

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tri State Camper Rally - Many Vintage Trailers! This year hosted by Mandie and Cynthia - Aloha!

 Even without our grass skirts - I guess we are all too cool?
 The movie "Blue Hawaii" with Elvis Presley was enjoyed with popcorn.
This is Nacho - he has his own Airstream Blog!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alumapaloooza Clouds - Just Had to Share

In spite of the clouds, there was no rain during the concert held in the large tent in the background.   Yoga by sKY:: and slADE was every morning the tent in the foreground.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Entertainment - Human and Canine

Charon Henning & Alex Kensington have a hot hobby.
Fire Eaters!  They make fire eating look somewhat easy.  I touched a hot pan making cookies last week, and that hurt!!  Putting flame in my mouth would be not be enjoyable.

Antsy McClain and The Trailer Park Troubadours played all my trailer song favorites!  Two very talented Airstreamers joined them on stage.  Great night!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Sunny Day in Ohio

 Amazing Alumapalooza!  I'd flown those 1960's kid-kites, tiny paper kites with wimpy cotton string that usually broke about the same time that the balsa wood also snapped.  It was never impressive, nor fun.  But the kite flying experience at Jackson Center was addictive.  A rather stiff wind from the west, allowed the kites to soar!  S went to the lesson on flying and then joined in the fun.  I joined in and was able to take a kite from the ground to over 50 feet in the air.  The kite swoops and soars with the slightest little twitch of my finger.  Moving my hand or arm moved the kite great distances, usually to a crash.  The kite did not break.  It never broke.  Yeah!!!!!!!

Byam loved the buzzing sound of the kites.
Beautiful sunsets in Ohio!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Alumapalooza 2013

We arrived last night at the Airstream factory!  Alumapalooza 2013 is being held in a large field right behind where they make most wonderful and durable trailers - Airstreams.  Still made.  Made in the USA.  It is hard to describe Alumapalooza other than to say it is a time to gather, meet old friends, and make new friends - all people who love the iconic silver trailers.  We've been to the rally festival of fun before, and really have been looking forward to spending a week living the dream.  Airstream tagline -  "Live More.  See More.  Do More". 
A group of about 60 Airstreamers enjoyed a dinner grilled hamburgers and hot dogs provided by the factory, then enjoyed a cool evening together chatting until dusk.
In the morning, we were to move from the service center to the field.
Behind some of the torsion Airstream axels, we parked in the grass among other trailers on 3 sides of the big tent.
With only maybe half of the Airstreams parking on Tuesday morning, Byam took a nice long run in the west end of the field.  The orange dots were painted onto the grass to help position the trailers.  Each trailer parks with their hitch directly over the orange flag.  Motorhomes park about 3 feet behind the flags.  So that regardless of the length of each rig, each of the fronts all line up keeping lanes open for moving trailers.  And it makes nice photo opportunities!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fun in the Sun - Dog Park Time!

Grand St. Mary's Lake - Great Dog Park.  Finally nice weather to let Byam run fast, and far.