Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thank you Terri!

Terri's dog cookies are so very good smelling! 
3 Dog Bakery's Pup-kin Latte' Biscuits in a to-go cup!
The package arrived tonight, and I made Byam wait while I got the camera - she would not smile for the photo - too interested in treats.
It is too late tonight for her large biscuit - but how cute is this!
Three Dog Bakery Yummies - Thank you Terri!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

On Point

S is out right now with their gun dog club on a hunt! 
So I'm sure Byam is running at this moment, or making her tiny little whimper that she makes only when she really Really REALLY wants something!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Byam's Family Update!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Byam's Breeder -

"...I've been running around trying to get everything ready for our Pheasants Forever Youth/Mentor hunt that is coming up this Saturday. Mom (Penny4), Sis (Penny 5), and Shooter will each get a run with a couple of kids. We turn 5 rooster loose for each 2 kids and then hunt them with a dog. It's fun for the kids and dogs but not many phez are killed. I think the best year the kids had was getting 13 pheasants out of the 40 that were turned loose. we only give the kids 1 shell at a time(for safety) and they are very good shots. Since it isn't open season yet we have to get special permission from the game and parks commission.
...I started running Penny5 towards her master title and she is 2/6 the way there---I need 4 more passes for the title. ...she won't have any more chances this year.

...ND opener on Oct 12th.

...NE opener on the 28th. The dogs will be busy...I'll let you know how Mom & Sis do this year.

...Byam's sister, Rae, was leading the Brittany gun dog point standings half way thru the year. I hope she hangs on and wins---but it will really be tuff to do as there are only 50 points difference in the top 3 dogs. 
...a sister, Bolt (F3)...She is now in Montana and will be hunted a lot on birds...doing what she loves..

        Penny4 (8 years old) is starting to slow down. She just doesn't cover as much ground as she used to---but she still has a good nose. Penny5 probably has the best nose of any Brittany I've had. She points so far away that sometimes in the hunting tests it's real hard finding the quail she is pointing, since they are pen raised birds they want to stay hid instead of flying like wild quail would.

I check Byam's blog every once in a while to see what she has been up to. Looks like she is still doing a little traveling.  I hope she has a good year for pheasants...

Keep in touch.   Later, Doug "

Doug I again want to thank you for choosing us for one of your Brittany Spaniels - we love Byam!!!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

No Dogs on Beach - No Lifeguard

Maybe not having a lifeguard is a good reason to keep dogs off the beach.  Iowa is not yet a dog tourist friendly state.