Sunday, June 29, 2014

Camping at a State Park

When traveling west, we often leave late after work and spend our first night close to home.  Just to get a good nights sleep in the soaking-humid 90*+ heat, we many times stop at a  campground within a mile of the interstate.  These campgrounds are convenient, but not especially nice - yet usually are pricey.  In anticipation of our next trip west, we decided to check State Parks that are a bit further off the main roads.

This weekend was enjoyed at Prairie Rose State Park which is built around a man-made lake which was drained a couple years ago and has since refilled.  Byam enjoyed her wade/swim in the water, and S caught a few small panfish.  Our site looks huge, as nobody was camping at the group camp site down the hill toward the lake.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ground Squirrel #497

When I started this project, it was just to minimize the ground squirrel's tunnel-holes.  Nothing more than a little feeling of comfort and safety for our dog.  The ground squirrels can be seen climbing trees, but it is their underground access that I don't like.  (That and the ground squirrels dig up my potted plants.)  Those little tunnels are entered and exited by holes in the lawn that are just the size that can trip up a running dog.  Torn knee tendons are painful, expensive, and can change a dog's life.

So 10 years ago I started relocating ground squirrels.  Moving them to wild areas about town and into the countryside.  My neighbor had been using a Have-A-Hart to catch her ground squirrels, and I borrowed hers.  After 3 weeks of relocating 2-3 ground squirrels each day, I also purchased a relocation device.  And we started counting.   My neighbor moved away 8 years ago, leaving me to carry on.

Byam is looking at ground squirrel # 497.
Seriously, I don't live on an acreage, just a lot in town.
And no ground squirrel was harmed during the photography or relocation program.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tongue. Tongue. Tongue.

Sometimes Byam is all tongue!

We had a great day at the lake.  Byam was enjoying our walks around the campground and,really wanted to get into the water.  She does not like to jump in - she likes to carefully walk into water.  For her, knowing the water depth is important.  I wish I'd had the camera when we were on the dock.  She leaned over the edge beyond the point of no return.  Then her eyes got  huge and our time on the dock ended with a wet dog.