Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Sunny Day in Ohio

 Amazing Alumapalooza!  I'd flown those 1960's kid-kites, tiny paper kites with wimpy cotton string that usually broke about the same time that the balsa wood also snapped.  It was never impressive, nor fun.  But the kite flying experience at Jackson Center was addictive.  A rather stiff wind from the west, allowed the kites to soar!  S went to the lesson on flying and then joined in the fun.  I joined in and was able to take a kite from the ground to over 50 feet in the air.  The kite swoops and soars with the slightest little twitch of my finger.  Moving my hand or arm moved the kite great distances, usually to a crash.  The kite did not break.  It never broke.  Yeah!!!!!!!

Byam loved the buzzing sound of the kites.
Beautiful sunsets in Ohio!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Alumapalooza 2013

We arrived last night at the Airstream factory!  Alumapalooza 2013 is being held in a large field right behind where they make most wonderful and durable trailers - Airstreams.  Still made.  Made in the USA.  It is hard to describe Alumapalooza other than to say it is a time to gather, meet old friends, and make new friends - all people who love the iconic silver trailers.  We've been to the rally festival of fun before, and really have been looking forward to spending a week living the dream.  Airstream tagline -  "Live More.  See More.  Do More". 
A group of about 60 Airstreamers enjoyed a dinner grilled hamburgers and hot dogs provided by the factory, then enjoyed a cool evening together chatting until dusk.
In the morning, we were to move from the service center to the field.
Behind some of the torsion Airstream axels, we parked in the grass among other trailers on 3 sides of the big tent.
With only maybe half of the Airstreams parking on Tuesday morning, Byam took a nice long run in the west end of the field.  The orange dots were painted onto the grass to help position the trailers.  Each trailer parks with their hitch directly over the orange flag.  Motorhomes park about 3 feet behind the flags.  So that regardless of the length of each rig, each of the fronts all line up keeping lanes open for moving trailers.  And it makes nice photo opportunities!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fun in the Sun - Dog Park Time!

Grand St. Mary's Lake - Great Dog Park.  Finally nice weather to let Byam run fast, and far.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scott County Park

Just a few of our friends' Airstream trailers.  Great park with lots of spaces, and also space between the trailers!  We had a couple nice campfires, and a tour of the US Adventures RV.  The farmers' market was quite nice and busy.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Great News from Byam's Breeder!

S & K---
      Tell Byam that her sister, "Rae", won the International
Shooting Dog Championship today [April 2nd] and finished her AKC dual title. This was also an American Field event so she is now a 1X American Field Champ. Earlier this year she finished her Grand Champion show title (this is a new title--it is a show championship Plus 10 extra show points).  Linda is thrilled.
       I hope Byam's birthday hunt at the shooting preserve went well and she got a lot of birds :-)
Later, Doug