Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Scare - All Ended Well

We had a big scare this week.  All ended well, but we were super worried.
Byam, my little 28 pound Brittany went to our vet for her rabies vacine - just a normal appointment and check up.  We love our doctor, as she has great diagnosis skills, and forward-thinking ideas such as adding massage thereapy - but that is another story years before Byam was even born. 
Byam's heart has a murmur.
We got an appointment at Iowa State University's Vet College.
Of course while we waited, we googled dog heart murmur and found out that murmurs could be anywhere from minor to grave. 
Our student doctor, and his supervising teaching doctor asked lots of questions about her lethargy - none.  And about Byam's travel - extensive.  And time spent swimming - recently.  Then Byam was put into a Thundershirt and had an echocardiogram.  Her heart murmur is minor, does not require any treatment or medicine at this time.  We have a follow up scheduled in a year to check again. 
We are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christian Petersen Sculpture "The Gentle Doctor"


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